Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Photography News

On the home front, I got a new lens for my 20D, a Canon 17 - 55 mm f2.8 IS. I needed a good wide-angle lens and this one is superb! Check out my first photos of an old church and some flowers and plants.

The new Sony H7 and H9 superzoom cameras are available now. No reviews have been posted yet so the verdict is still out. There have been some image quality issues reported by a few users but, all in all, it's a fairly good camera featuring 15X zoom. Most issues wouldn't be bothersome sized for the web or in small prints. However, as some users have pointed out, the older H5 possibly has better image quality and it has 12X zoom and is no doubt cheap now that the new models have come out. As always, read professional reviews before purchasing. Meantime, here is a user's mini-review at the Sony Talk forum at And another one. Apparently several users have returned their H9 models and there may be some quality control issues. Definitely wait for more infomation before purchasing, and consider the newly announced Canon, read on:

Another NEW superzoom camera just announced, the Canon S5 IS, has 8 megapixels, 12X stabilized zoom, and will replace the S3 IS. Available in July. Read up on the specs here. I have an S3 IS for a take-anywhere camera and like it very much. It just may have better image quality than the Sony models. It's supposed to sell for around $500 but will be less online especially after a month or two. Also conisder this: the 6 mp, 12X zoom Canon S3 IS is selling very cheap now. They were on sale for $279 at Office Depot last month and a friend got one.

Happy shooting!

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RBChallenger said...

I absolutely love this style of photo!!! I have a number of them on my site as well. I will have to bookmark this site and check back... nice work!!!